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"Eclectic Ensemble" - Art House India, New Delhi

Event Date: Aug 20 2011

Dates: Aug 20 2011 - Sep 25 2011

The dynamic theatricality comes to the fore in sculptures by Dimpy Menon and Srinivas Reddy and playfulness is evident in the art of Nayanaa Kanodia and Pradeep Puthoor. The eclectic ensemble also engages with nature and its flora and fauna in some evocative paintings by Sidharth, Bhagat Singh and Anil Gaikwad. Socio-political concerns triggered by the rapidly changing current global scenario get reflected in the conceptually underlined art works by Shuvaprasanna, Arpana Caur and Mukesh Sharma where as Shipra Bhattacharya focuses her gaze on feminist emotions. While the exhibition includes senior artists’ work including some amazing paintings by Badrinarayan, Prabhakar Kolte, Manu Parekh, and Sanjay Bhattacharya amongst others, it also encompasses promising young artists such as Pragya Jain. It engages with mythology in Viren Tanvar and Sanatan Dhinda’s iconic representations and goes across the borders in search of contemporary miniature renderings as featured in SM Mansoor’s work.
The varied expressions in this exposition include artists who come from across the country and age group working in varied genres and in different sizes to make it an interesting and inclusive eclectic ensemble.