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"Skyward" a solo Exhibition at Sublime Galleria, Bangalore, India

  • Sublime Galleria, Bangalore, India (map)

Event Date: Jul 3 2015

The body of work has been sculpted around my efforts to strive for positivity and verve to break away from gravity. It’s a feeling of escalation, of freedom from any other energy that pulls downward. A determination to find my path through my art, I reached a conclusion that if I think “up”, my thought and the occurrences in my life and my ideas will elevate. Growth and Change are imperative, and the only way to move is – Skyward…The collection of tints and shades used on my canvases are soothing and determined to create a peaceful and positive atmosphere. The nucleus of each work lies in the attempt to make not just the eye but also the mind to travel upwards.